Daniel Radvany is a graphic designer
Working with image, text and archives.
Selected works (updated June 2024) ↓

Image 1
Various output from a poster tool created for classes and events held at the two locations of the Catskills Weaving School in New York.
Image 3
Layout and art direction for a bilingual publication created for historians from the northern region of Latvia. Milleru Senči compiles a background of Latvia, select essays, and records dating back to 1725.
Image 5
Image 6
Various output from an installation using JavaScript and MIDI input. Through interaction, the program collaged paintings and photographs overlaid by poetry from Zintis: The Quarterly American Latvian Magazine for Art, Literature and Science. Completed under guidance from Josh Cook at Loyola University Chicago in 2023.
Image 7
Printed essay turned in as final documentation for an internship with the Marketing and Communication Team at Loyola University Chicago.